Jean-Christophe Moutet, The Chef


His career

Jean-Christophe Moutet has worked with the most famous chefs in “la côte de Beaune”  (Jardins des Remparts, Hôtellerie du Val d’Or), thus he was the second de cusine of Jacques Lameloise in Chagny during 11 years.

Building on this expertise, he develops a modern and delicate cusine, that he wants to be generous. He sharpened his own style as the chef of « Auprès du Clocher » in Pommard during 10 years.

His philosophy

Jean-Christophe comes from Burgundy and enjoys living there.  He particularly appreciates the culinary traditions of this area. Thus, he aims developing a local cuisine that revisits with taste the products from Burgundy. His objective is to magnify product flavors in order to bring enjoyment at each tasting.



His style

The creations of Jean-Christophe Moutet are in line with a modern and delicate cuisine. His generous cuisine corresponds to the spirit of Burgundy. His local cuisine, while respecting the local products, will surprise your taste buds with rich and intense flavours.